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Top Line Jaguar

Welcome to my Top Line Repair Facility for your Jag. So often repair shops who claim to specialize in Jaguar® miss-diagnose Jaguar® problems and sell customers expensive parts that the Jaguar® did not need. One reason these shops end up costing more is because they miss diagnose Jaguar® problems and they leave the parts on the Jag , that you already authorized , rather than remove them. Parts Places don’t take return on electrical parts so when this happens the Jaguar® owner usually gets a call asking for authorization to install yet another part that the Jag ” needs”. It takes a great deal of expertise in Jaguar® Diagnostics to identify the small problem immediately and not ignorantly replace unneeded parts to find out what the problem is, CHARGING YOU EVERY PENNY FOR THEIR IGNORANCE. Top Line Jag Repair’s elite Jaguar® Technicians find the small short or loose connection rather than an expensive ECU that so often the Computer is telling the lessor qualified ( in Jaguar® diagnosis) mechanic at a repair shop to replace to fix the “CODE”!!! . Top Line Diagnostic staff has the talent to identify Jaguar® specific repair both electronically and mechanically which is becoming a lost ability in our trade. We have The Jaguar® Factory Computer and EXPERTISE on Jaguar® to identify repairs that a regular mechanic will not see until its a big problem costing the Jaguar® customer lots of money.

Phone: 571-336-7701