Nation's Capital Jaguar Owners Club

Treasured Motorcar Services Ltd.

Founder Geoffrey Griffiths started Treasured Motorcar Services in the winter of 1980, performing automotive restoration and repair from his garage in Northern Baltimore County. Geoffrey has always been involved in the automotive industry. After joining a Lucas Industries (UK) apprentice program, he was transferred to Lucas in New York. He retired from Lucas USA after working in their North American distribution network, as well as representing them with the major sports car manufacturers. (September 7, 1938 – March 18, 2015)
gallery01Founder Barbara Griffiths has been involved in the automotive world as a lifelong enthusiast. (Barbara and Geoffrey met in a sports car repair shop!) Her automotive knowledge combined with her business acumen has been invaluable with the development and management of Treasured Motorcar Services. She is enjoying retirement but remains on call for consultations.

Phone: 410-833-2329